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We live in an ever changing world and as the internet continues to grow, so does the need for Internet security. If you are a business owner, CEO of a major Organisation or a casual user, who wants to keep files in a secure location, the crosssec is the solution for You.

We are a Company specialized in Cloud data storage, with a unique emphasis on data security. Regarding people’s need for secure data storage we have built our system to provide a bulletproof protection. Our Users, who have already been trusted the crosssec 100% secure system, can keep their important information from falling into the wrong hands.

A New level of Data Storage

Our system has been created to be available at any time or any location, through various platforms and works on wide range of devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. Sign-up and enjoy crosssec for free.


Crosssec provides a unique multi-level encryption system which ensures that Your documents and messages are 100% secured. With today’s technology, there isn’t any known algorithm that could break our code, which is something we are extremely proud of. We created our system to ensure that nobody can compromise Us or Your data. Therefore, we apply a ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy to make sure that You and only You will have the key for Your data and nobody else, not even Crosssec Solutions employees. Find out more about the features we offer at the Functions page.

Use crosssec for Your own private and business purposes simultaneously. You can work together with Your colleagues and business associates on specific documents, or share important items with Your family and friends all within the comfort of the digital safe that We provide. Our system allows You to Collaborate in a flexible and easy way, offering File access and Version control management in the cloud.



Crosssec was built from the ground up to provide You with the highest level of security and privacy. We use three layers of encryption, the first level of security is triggered before Your data even leaves Your computer.



Encrypted transfer protects Your information while crosssec’s system processes it through safe channels to Our servers. Even if someone manages to get pieces of data, it would be impossible to decrypt them without Your unique key.



Our impenetrable cloud storage can be reached from anywhere around the world, providing the flexibility what You need. Your data is completely safe and it’s important to reiterate that no one inside and outside of Our company has the ability to open, read or download any information You store at crosssec unless You share it. Take this as a guarantee.

Why choose crosssec?

Device independent

Access Your personal encrypted data or send messages from Your PC and portable devices.

User-friendly interface

It is important for Us, that You can find easily everything. Try Our functions and help Our services with Your remarks.

Available anytime anywhere

Our servers provide a 99.99% uptime so You can access Your data in the cloud whenever You want.

Unique encryption

Your data's safety is Our primary objective. With crosssec's unique s-key security algorythm, You can experience the ultimate protection.


Share data with Your friends or colleagues by using crosssec's built-in access management tool.

100% security

The three layer security solution provides an unbreakable protection. Your data is stored on multiple servers simultaneously for safe storage.

For enterprise and private use

Collaborate with your colleagues, even from a distance.

Crosssec creates a unique virtual drive on Your device, where Your chosen data are stored and encrypted. The data gets synced with Our servers afterwards, transferring it safely to the cloud and can be accessed with Your special s-key through the internet from any devices. Manage privileges of Your files and notes, minimizing the risk of accidental information leakage.

For enterprise and private use

Don’t be afraid of hardware failure or theft

Use the crosssec cloud service as an online backup, share photos, videos or other important files with Your friends and family. Use Our system for making notes, sending untraceable messages, store your passwords or bank account information, all these in a safe environment. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

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